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About Us

  Inventory Network Solutions, LLC  providing a New solution to an Old inventory problem.

     Excess inventory in manufacturing and distribution has been a problem since the beginning of time. In the past, the only way to deal with it was to liquidate it, scrap it or throw it away. We at Inventory Network Solutions, would like to offer you a New alternative.  Why not receive “Fair Market Value” for your items? 

   We started INS to allow companies in manufacturing, distribution, cribs and tool rooms an easier way to sell their Industrial and Mobile surplus inventory. This surplus could be due to miss-orders, over production, machine changes and retro fits, R and D projects, miscounted stock, obsolescence, etc. Basically, anything that you might have sitting around that is not being used any longer. The "Dust Collectors" if you will. 

Why our System for seller?

  • Turns valuable surplus into cash
  • Minimal effort to sell inventory
  • Opens floor and shelf space

Benefits for you the buyer:

  • Buying items at "Fair market value" and saving
  • Items are Stock- no long lead times!
  • Access of new, used, refurbished, obsolete parts and equipment

Hydraulic, Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic for Industrial and Mobile equipment


email us Today with any questions:  Sell My Surplus