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Few Questions you might have about the Selling process:

  1)  What kind of items can I sell?

We specialize in Industrial and Mobile surplus items. All items are needed in some form or another,  we will commit to working to find a buyer for your items.   

Any thing from Hydraulic fittings to complete machines. Fuses to control panels. Casters to Vehicles.

New, refurbished, used , Old stock and shop equipment.  We will list and described and photograph the item, in full detail, so that the buyer can make the correct buying decision for them.

   2)  How much work will I have to do to sell?

That's the best part...    Not much at all!  Typically,  the items you have for sale have been identified already..  You know what has been sitting around or not used in a while. So, that part is done.   You can give us a desired price or we can assist in determining a "fair market value" for your item. So, you only ship the item to the buyer.

   3)  How long will it take to sell my item?

Depends,  we are changing the inventory and SEO's on a regular basis. This allows us to attract New potential buyers on a daily basis. The item might be highly desired and move quickly or one of those that has a special purpose and might sit for a while.

Please contact INS representitive to go over details and selling contracts


Buyers Questions:


     1) Where will these items ship from?

All over,  we have built into our shipping calculator the zip code where the unit will ship from. This will give you a more accurate shipping rate.

    2)  What is the warranty on the item I purchased?

All items sold on this site are sold "AS IS".  These products will be in a variety of conditions from Brand New to Used. We can not offer a warranty on any of these items.  New Fluidyne Brand items are fully Tested and warranted for 1 year from date of purchase.

   3) Is the item in the picture the one I will receive?

  If it is a single item, qty 1 pc.  Yes. it will be the one you receive.  If the unit is listed as multiple quantities,  We will insure that the unit shipped to you is the same or in better condition than the unit pictured.

We will give all the information needed for you to make your buying decision. If we have missed something , please contact us and we will get your question answered. (Fluidyne pictures are for illistration only and not of actual unit)


      Contact us if you have any other questions at customerservice@inventorynetworksolutions.com