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Looking For a Special Product?

Looking for a unique, obsolete or hard to find part or product? Maybe we can help.

Keeping your name confidential, we will post you request on our site for a set period of time. We'll also send an email to the
appropriate suppliers we work with so they can check their inventory, and perhaps spread the word of your need.

If a match is found will forward you all the specifics, including condition and price.
And the buying decision is all up to you.

There is no charge for the posting, and you can withdraw it at any time. We do collect a small finder's fee when the unit sells,
which will be included in the price.

Have an interest? Please complete the following. Of course be as precise as possible in the product name
and description, as it will allow for best results.

Your name:
Company name:
Street address:
State:     Zip code: 

Please check the category that your product of need slots into. (check all that apply)

  Electrical       Mechanical       Hydraulic       Pneumatic    
  Other (please use Description block to explain)

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